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November 16, 2017

Madison Square Park Prepares for Whiteout by Artist Erwin Redl

erwin redl madison square park art

Madison Square Park has helped shape our neighborhood with its internationally recognized artworks program. The latest installation, Whiteout, running from November 16th 2017 to March 25th 2018, promises to entrance visitors all winter long.

Whiteout is the vision of the Austrian-born artist Erwin Redl. Now a resident of Ohio and New York City, Redl’s Whiteout involves an elaborate square steel grid from which hundreds of transparent spheres will be suspended by cables. Hovering just two feet over the ground, the spheres will contain white LED lights.

One of the most exciting elements of the piece is its dynamic integration with nature, as the suspension cables will allow the spheres to drift and blow with the wind amid the grand trees of the park,. As can be seen in the artistic renderings, Whiteout will be a striking sight when snow falls in the park. We can’t wait enjoy it after our next evening stroll through NoMad!

Whiteout will be the 35th public art exhibition arranged by the Madison Square Park Conservancy and was organized by Brooke Kamin Rapaport, Director and Martin Friedman Senior Curator; Julia Friedman, Curatorial Manager; and Tom Reidy, Senior Project Manager. For more information click here.