There's No Place Like NoMad

December 15, 2013

Jeremy Penn’s Hot Lips Explosion at Bar Bordeaux

artist jeremy penn's hot lips explosion at millesime

New York-born artist Jeremy Penn has one of his new pieces, Hot Lips Explosion, featured at Bar Bordeaux. Bar Bordeaux, a handsome new wine bar housed in the NoMad District’s Millesime, approached Penn about turning the piece into sheer curtains for use as a centerpiece. The original version of Hot Lips Explosion is a 32”x24” acrylic-ink rendering of French-icon Brigitte Bardot, currently on display at Whynot Coffee (14 Christopher Street). The work’s vibrant colors are an appropriate fit for the bar’s self-described decor: “vintage French meets Andy Warhol in lace garters.”

Penn’s work often focuses on deconstructing the initial feelings of a single gaze. His work seduces the viewer by emphasizing the subject’s eyes. The Brooklyn-based artist has exhibited internationally and shares affiliations with the Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Contemporaries, and the Chelsea Art Museum, among others. He has received numerous awards including the ASFD’s Pinnacle Award, an ADEX Gold Medal in Design, the Peace Maker Award.  In 2009,  Penn was named the “Featured Artist” of New York City’s Freedom Week.

Swing by Bar Bordeaux (29th and Madison) to see the curtains and get introduced to an approachable selection of wines from the French region’s 8,000 chateaus while enjoying small plates of oysters, sausage, and cheeses. Or, if you’re looking for a complete meal, stop by the Millesime restaurant next door before exploring other NoMad art offerings.