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February 24, 2014

Ivan Navarro’s This Land Is Your Land Goes Up

Ivan Navarro’s Madison Square Park public art installation “This Land Is Your Land” is finally here! We’ve been reporting about the installation with excitement for a while now and the wait is over. Check out these great photos of its first weekend courtesy of the Mad. Sq. Art:

Ivan Navarro's "This Land Is Your Land," art installation recently went up in Madison Square Park © Thelma Garcia

The water towers are approximately seven feet in diameter and stand atop eight foot legs. The interiors of the towers are designed to glow with neon lights and mirrors. One tower features an image of a ladder in neon, a second tower holds lights spelling “me” and “we,” and the third tower holds the word “bed.”

Stop by Madison Square Park to check out Ivan Navarro's "This Land Ss Your Land" © Thelma Garcia

Navarro, a Brooklyn-based Chilean artist, created the three neon water towers as a comment on his personal experience of immigration and as an homage to the New York City skyline.

Ivan Navarro's ladder tower from "This Land Is Your Land" © Thelma Garcia

Navarro explains, “Although they are benign objects, there is the sense that they are quietly surrounding us, surveying the city below. These water towers metaphorically function as tall ornamental crowns on the tops of the large buildings that dominate the urban landscape. They punctuate the glory of modern civilization while reclaiming its humanity.”

The recently installed water tower in Ivan Navarro's "This Land Is Your Land" © Thelma Garcia

The installation is up and running until April 13th. Swing by Madison Square Park and check it out!