There's No Place Like NoMad

September 2, 2015

INDAY is Bringing India Everyday to NoMad

Inday interior in the NoMad neighborhood

If you haven’t tried INDAY yet, you’re missing a great taste experience. Tucked in just off Broadway on the ever-popular 26th Street, INDAY opened about two weeks ago in a beautiful, soothing space. This latest addition to NoMad’s catalogue of international cuisine is the creation of Basu Ratnam and hospitality icon Phil Suarez, and it has been astounding guests with a new way to think about Indian food, cool ambience, and friendly staff.

We are living in a vegetable-centric age where desires for nourishment and exotic flavor vie with each other, and that, says Owner Basu Ratnam, is “what Indian food’s been about for hundreds of years.” INDAY has taken that traditional heritage and reinvented it to today’s tastes for lighter, cleaner, more updated style of cooking. Ratnam, says, ”we aim to serve meals that are inspired by vibrant traditions in India, tailored to the way we eat today.” 

Take a look at the menu below. You can choose from Warm and Cool Bases, including rice, grain and vegetable combinations. If you like, you can add on antibiotic protein sources such as chicken, banana leaf pork, marinated steak, salmon, or tofu.  The variations are so plentiful, you can have a different meal each day of the month. The food is so good, that one member of our staff has eaten lunch from INDAY every day since it opened.  She says what she likes is the variety and that she can chose her lunch combination and be out one, two, three. 

INDAY is committed to using the highest quality ingredients. The thoughtfully composed dishes take a seasonal approach and are made with local produce, ethically sourced grains, antibiotic and hormone-free protein. INDAY serves fresh juices, a custom INDAYROAST of cold-brew coffee from Jack’s Stir Brew and organic, single–estate teas from In Pursuit of Tea.

inday salmon lunch dish

The counter-service model allows INDAY to stay affordable with the average meal priced between $10 and $12 dollars.  Visit INDAY, if you can get in, between 11 a.m. and 10 p.m., seven days a week.  INDAY is in the iconic St. James Building at 1133 Broadway, just around the corner on 26th Street.

View and download INDAY’s menu below.