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July 9, 2015

Humm Dog at The NoMad Gives Hot Dogs the Fine Dining Treatment

Humm Dog by Chef Daniel Humm at The NoMad

Nothing compliments baseball quite like a hot dog. And if you’re in the NoMad district, you can celebrate the MLB All-Star game with the one-of-a-kind Humm Dog – Chef Daniel Humm’s homage to the all-American delicacy at The NoMad.

The Humm dog is a kosher beef hot-dog, wrapped in bacon and deep fried. The frank is then placed in a toasted brioche bun that is filled with truffle mayonnaise. A slice of gruyere is melted on top, then covered with truffle celery relish.

Wash the Humm Dog down with a beverage from The NoMad’s award-winning cocktail menu or a homemade “soft cocktail” carbonated drink.

The whole experience gives diners the nostalgia of barbecues and ballparks with an upscale twist. This is no surprise from a restaurant that has a James Beard Award and a Michelin star. No matter who comes out on top in the All-Star game, if you grab a Humm Dog at The NoMad, you’ll be the real winner.