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July 8, 2013

Hooni Kim offers Hanjan 10-Hour Ramyun at 9pm

chef hooni kim is offering hanjan's 10 hour ramyun an hour early

In the mood for Hanjan’s 10-hour ramyun but don’t like eating too late? You’re in luck because Chef Hooni Kim will offer his 10-hour ramyun starting at 9pm on monday through saturday. The dish used to only be served starting at 10pm.

Chef Hooni Kim tweeted out the news about Hanjan’s 10-hour ramyun recently. To accomplish this, they will be starting their broth an hour earlier each day.

The concept of Hanjan was inspired by “joomak,” a Korean tavern where travelers would rest and eat well. The dishes served at the restaurant are meant to reference Korean comfort food.

Enjoy New Yorker-approved Hanjan’s 10-hour ramyun!