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November 20, 2018

Holiday Checklist for NoMad Businesses

With the official start of the holiday season just days away, it’s an opportune time for many businesses to evaluate how to make the most of the season. For retailers and B2C companies, this season is often the most profitable of the year. For B2B businesses and service companies, the holiday season often represents a slowdown, since customers are frequently distracted during this time of year. What can NoMad businesses do now to help themselves sail through the next few weeks with maximum profitability and minimal disruption? This handy holiday checklist can help.

Announce a Special Holiday Promotion

If you are a retailer or you sell physical products, holiday sales and promotions are likely already built into your sales strategy. However, service industries can also make the most of the season by offering special discounts on certain services or offering financial rebates or incentives for your clients to refer you new customers during this slower time. If your business tends to taper off at the end of the year as contracts come to an end, you can offer incentives and discounts for your customers to renew with you for the following year. You have plenty of latitude to be creative and come up with something that fits your company and aesthetic. As an added bonus, associate it with the holidays and make it festive.  It can be even more effective if it’s positioned as an expression of appreciation for customer loyalty throughout the year.

Host a Holiday Event for Clients and Prospects

Another way to make the most of this season is to show some hospitality to your clients by inviting them to a party that you host. Make it as cheery as your budget allows, including refreshments, door prizes, and maybe even live entertainment. It’s a great way to thank clients for their business while building customer loyalty—and if you invite your entire mailing list, it can also be great way to close new business for the upcoming year. There are plenty of great venues with private event rooms in NoMad, such as The Flatiron Room, BlackBarn and Sarabeth’s.  People love coming here so show your clients what a great neighborhood your office is located in (they may want to bring more business so they can see you here).

Participate in Community Holiday Events

When you help sponsor local holiday happenings (such as the annual holiday tree lighting at Madison Square Park or other festivities), you often have the opportunity to publicly name your company as a sponsor. This is an excellent way to build brand recognition, let clients know that you’re involved in the NoMad community, and network with potential clients.

Send Holiday Greetings to Your Mailing List

Simple and relatively inexpensive, sending a simple holiday greeting card or postcard to your existing and prospective customers is a personal touch that can keep your company top-of-mind during slower seasons. Make an even better impression by personalizing each one with a handwritten note, even if it is only a few words. It helps you make and maintain genuine connections—and in this day and age when electronic communications are garnering less and less attention, this high-touch connection can mean everything for your businesses. While you’re at it, don’t forget to send holiday greetings to your employees, too. They are your most important resource.

The holiday season can be a mixed bag of good feelings and hectic stresses—not to mention erratic schedules—but by planning ahead, you can help make the season bright both for your NoMad-based business and the ones you touch. Happy (Prosperous) Holidays!