There's No Place Like NoMad

August 4, 2016

Gregorio Rugerri and Craig Longhurst: Working and Living in NoMad

Greg Ruggeri and Craig Longhurst's apartment in nomad Photo by: Emily Assiran for Observer

Over the last year, we’ve been thrilled to see NoMad being recognized as a hub of incredible interior design. As we covered last month, even Vanity Fair has gotten in on the party, highlighting the fantastic Salon Rugerri.

New York has clearly taken note. The Observer recently ran a follow-up story about the NoMad apartment of Studio Rugerri’s owner and designer — Gregorio Rugerri and Craig Longhurst. While our area is often hailed for being a great live-work neighborhood, we’d be hard pressed to find a more aesthetically beautiful place to live and work than Salon Rugerri and the handsome apartment that Craig Longhurst designed for himself and his husband.

This couple truly lives their work. Up until 2015, the couple lived in their Salon’s previous locations. In Chelsea, they lived next door to the studio, and in Murray Hill, they lived downstairs from the studio. Now, for the first time in years, the couple has a separate abode. Gregorio shared with the Observer that “we always lived in these spaces that were designed for our clients, very frou frou and over the top; our apartment was the salon. Everything you see now is very much what Craig and I really love. We love the less is best, more masculine feel.”

Being a practical interior designer, Craig incorporated DIY work and antiques into both the apartment and salon. The apartment’s uncomplicated wooden furniture and 70s vintage orange couch is understated to enhance the spectacular view of the Empire State Building. To add their own personalities, Craig included compelling art pieces such as Three Sisters, a sculpture by their fellow countryman Gordon Andrews, who designing Australia’s currency, and a photography of a Madonna given to them as a wedding present. For a look at one of the coolest apartments in NoMad, head over to the Observer.