There's No Place Like NoMad

February 1, 2013

Grand Central Centennial Journey Began in NoMad NY

Learn about Grand Central's start in the NoMad District

As NYC celebrates the Grand Central Centennial, we can note that the journey that lead to the Grand Central Terminal began in NoMad NY.

The original Madison Square Garden was located right by Madison Square Park at Madison Ave and 26th Street. The site was the passenger depot for the New York and Harlem Railroad. The station was owned by Commodore Vanderbilt.

In 1871, the station moved from the NoMad NY area depot to what was then called the Grand Central Depot. Over the next few decades there was construction, buildings torn down and rebuilt, new names and finally Grand Central Terminal opening in 1913.

In honor of the Grand Central Centennial celebration, the terminal is offering 5-cent cups of coffee and 10-cent shoe shines. They also have a rededication ceremony featuring NYC celebrities.

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