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January 30, 2015

Gansevoort Park Hotel Introduces Flexible Rooftop Coworking Space

Gansevoort Park Hotel Pool Bar coworking space Courtesy Gansevoort Park Hotel

Gansevoort Park Hotel is known as a great hotel and a go-to hotspot for trendy nightlife and fine dining. Its latest penthouse accommodations will have you running there for your morning coffee and meetings, too. High-end hospitality team The One Group is working with Gansevoort Park to introduce NoMad’s latest coworking experience. The One Group is also behind Asellina, so they have already set a high standard for both service and quality.

We were lucky enough to spend an afternoon at Gansevoort Park and had a fantastic experience profiling yet another innovative NoMad space.

The coworking space, which includes the Pool Bar and the Ivy Lounge, is a great alternative to the traditional work environment. It offers a classy yet laid-back atmosphere, with a full-service concierge and an attentive wait staff.

Gansevoort Park’s coworking space is the quintessential example of what makes NoMad special. It’s a unique experience, enabling you to conduct your business in a relaxed, beautiful and efficient way, all while enjoying fine food, coffee and drinks. After work, you can smoothly transition into night time drinks, without leaving the building.

gansevoort park hotel pool bar coworking space Courtesy Gansevoort Park Hotel

The Pool Bar is named for its proximity to Gansevoort Park’s outdoor pool, which adds a cool, relaxed ambiance to your day. The large room offers ample seating on comfortable couches, creating intimate meeting spaces without sacrificing the airy open floor plan. The sense of space is certainly aided by the full wall of windows, offering 270 degrees of views of the stunning combination of Deco and modern architecture for which NoMad is known.

The openness of the room lends itself to networking and collaborating with other guests. In a community of innovative entrepreneurs, the Rooftop is a perfect forum for meeting and sharing with others.

view from gansevoort park hotel coworking space

The laid-back atmosphere makes the Pool Bar perfect for powering through personal emails, brainstorming sessions and meetings over coffee or cocktails. Gansevoort Park offers special packages for just these purposes — for $22 you can get a pot of coffee and assorted pastries for four, or a personal serving of 16 ounces of freshly squeezed green juice and a yogurt parfait for $16.

Gansevoort Park Hotel's Ivy Lounge Courtesy Gansevoort Park Hotel

If you are looking for a more cafe-like working environment, you can set up shop in the newly renovated Ivy Lounge. The lounge features ample table space, lots of easily accessible outlets and spacious storage for jackets, power cords and any of your other large items. There is room for a projection screen as well, making it the perfect space for everything from boardroom meetings to business lunches.

The food was one of our favorite aspects of the day. The One Group’s menu is superb, offering a wide range of lunch items. We got to sample an array of sliders that included Kobe beef, buffalo chicken, meatballs and eggplant parmesan. Added to these, the calamari, white bean puree, and beet and goat cheese bruschetta gave us a good grasp of the tasteful and eclectic menu that anyone would enjoy.

Gansevoort Park Hotel Beet Bruschetta

What workday would be complete without a cup of coffee? Many people who work remotely choose their location based entirely on the coffee they’ll be drinking throughout the day. Well, the cups of Panther Coffee that we got to enjoy were about as good as it gets. This premium roaster is based out of Miami and specializes specifically in small batch roasts. We were told that taste was not the only deciding factors in supplying Panther at The Gansevoort; Panther roasters only deal in ethical trading practices.

That interest in philanthropy doesn’t end with the coffee — the staff uniforms are from Life Is Good, the clothing non-profit. There are Life Is Good T-shirts for sale as well, all to support the company’s charitable efforts to make the world a safer and happier place for children to play in.

Just below the Pool Bar is Gansevoort Park’s new juice bar, offering a healthy addition to your morning routine. The fresh juice blends aren’t just great as a morning pick me up, they are also used to make delicious cocktails. The Peach Smash is one of our favorites — a cocktail made with whiskey, honey and fresh peach juice — and it is a great way to cap off a busy work day.

The Peach Smash cocktail is a highlight of Gansevoort Park Hotel's bar menu.

If you’re interested in spending the day, there are no reservations necessary — just stop by and settle in for a luxurious, productive day of work.