There's No Place Like NoMad

November 27, 2012

Financial Times Takes Notice The NoMad Restaurant

Read the Financial Times article on The NoMad restaurant, maitre'd Benjy Leibowitz and the kitchen's popular two-person chicken dinner.

A recent article in the Financial Times, about restaurants in NYC moving on after Hurricane Sandy, highlighted The NoMad. The article raves about The NoMad and mentions what an affect it has had on the NYC restaurant scene.

Financial Times states “A more recent import into the city’s buzzing restaurant scene is Benjy Leibowitz, a 23-year-old north Londoner, who is maître d’ at the NoMad restaurant in the recently opened NoMad Hotel on Broadway. French designer Jacques Garcia has done a brilliant job of converting what was once a storeroom into an elegant hotel with two very different dining rooms – an atrium with a skylight and a parlour – and of recreating within them what so many visitors believe is the essence of New York. It may only have been open since March, but the dark wood and dark red carpets, curtains and drapes successfully recreate the city of a bygone, romantic era.”

After commenting on Benjy Leibowitz, they go on to discuss how The NoMad restaurant now sells over 500 chickens a week. Chef Daniel Humm’s chicken dish (which seems similar to his Thanksgiving turkey recipe) is stuffed with foie gras, brioche and black truffle and serves two. Talk about a popular chicken!

Another tidbit that the article mentions is that NoMad staple Shake Shack is rumored to be opening their first London location. They are allegedly set to open their doors around Easter.