There's No Place Like NoMad

November 6, 2018

Easy Navigating with Experience NoMad’s New Map

We have introduced a new map on the NoMad website. Take a look. It’s easy to use, completely up-to-date, and has a fresh clean design with some great new features.

The places of interest in NoMad have multiplied geometrically in the past few years and the growth shows no signs of slowing down.  To allow for the inclusion of as many NoMad favorites as possible — the map now has ten tabs.  It’s really like having ten separate maps in one.  Tabs include:  Restaurants; Quick Bites; Night Spots; Galleries; Sites to See; Shops; Showrooms; Gyms & Spas; Hotels; Businesses.

If you’re looking for a Night Spot, you just have to click on the “Night Spots” tab to see all of the bars, clubs, entertainment centers, etc. in NoMad — over 45 at this writing.  With this tab exclusively limited to nightspots, the map is easy to read and allows you to readily browse through other nightspots nearby.

Below the map, you will find a photo, address, brief description, and web address of all the night spots listed in alphabetical order.  You can click on the name and get more detail from the website, including the phone number and a link to the nightspot’s website or you can go directly to the website by clicking the venue’s web address at the very bottom of the entry.

If you click on one of the dots on the map indicating a nightspot, the name and address of the nightspot will pop-up and that venue will move to the first position in the listing below the map.  See the Black Barn example below.

It’s just that easy to use.  We hope you will enjoy it and use it often.

If you have a venue that we’ve missed that you think we should include, please send us an e-mail at: