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June 21, 2012

Delmonico’s No. 1 Cocktail Recipe

Delmonico's No. 1 is one of the restaurant's signature cocktails. Check out the recipe and then create your own Delmonico cocktail!

Delmonico’s was one of the most legendary restaurants in NoMad and all of New York City. Their signature cocktail the Delmonico’s No. 1 is a fantastic drink. Check out the recipe below, or make some changes to create your own Delmonico cocktail! Share your recipes with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #DelmonicoCocktail.


3/4 ounce London dry gin
1/2 ounce cognac
1/2 ounce French vermouth
1/2 ounce Italian vermouth
2 dashes Angostura bitters

Mixing instructions:
Shake well with cracked ice, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a twist of orange peel.