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September 24, 2020

Chelsea Flea Market in NoMad: Rebirth of an Icon

Chelsea Flea Market NoMad

Fall brings the reincarnation of the famed flea market at 29 West 25th Street (between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue) as Chelsea Flea market opens in NoMad.

Ten years ago, NoMad was covered with flea markets on the weekends. They afforded two benefits. First, they provided curious shoppers – from the casual tourist to the most discerning shopkeepers – a huge market to scour for very special treasures, which can only show up in a New York City flea market. Second, they gave parking lots a nice income on weekends when the lots were vacant.

But as real estate market pressures increased, these lots closed and the properties saw high-rise developments emerge. At the end of last year, this last of the neighborhood flea markets on 25th Street closed when the owners’ lease was not renewed. It appeared that yet another facet of what made New York interesting to so many different types of people had disappeared forever into the past.

Chelsea Flea Market NoMad

That’s why the neighborhood cheered with surprise and relief when it was announced that a new market would open at the beginning of September. Over 40 vendors are again selling their wares at the 25th Street weekend flea market, and will continue to do so year-round, come rain or come shine.

The new market, christened Chelsea Flea, offers high-quality antiques, unique vintage finds, found architectural objects, and hard-to-find collectables. Plus, select food vendors will make sure you don’t go hungry as you hunt for treasures (including eats which are gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and more). For those looking to toast to a new find, Chelsea Flea’s full bar is open every weekend.

Chelsea Flea Market NoMad

The team who brought us Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg is behind the resurrection of this storied flea market, which was shopped by designers, celebs, and style icons like Andy Warhol. Those in the know look forward to the revival of this invaluable resource, and dealers look forward to working with the new team.

Chelsea Flea Market NoMad

The Chelsea Flea Market in NoMad is open Saturdays and Sundays, 8am–5pm. Savvy shoppers appreciate the real deals go early and go fast. Dogs and service animals are also welcome. Masks are required.

This matchless shopping experience builds on the forty-year heritage of its location. Recognized for its exceptional bargains and lively negotiating, the new Chelsea Flea Market in NoMad is New York deal-hunting at its best. Whether you’re a serious shopper or dabbling in deals, it’s history repeating itself in all the right ways.

If you’re looking for other places to explore in the neighborhood, check out the NoMad Piazza on Broadway.

Photos: Sam Hollenshead