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July 8, 2015

Mad. Friends Invites Us to be Part of the Park Family

Support Madison Square Park through Mad Friends membership program

The Madison Square Park Conservancy raises 98% of the the funds needed to run the park each year through private donations. Many think the park is funded by New York City, but it isn’t. Only 2% of the budget is provided by the City.

This is a tremendous challenge, because the budget must pay for the maintenance of the park furniture, lawns and stunning flower displays. But that is just the start – the Conservancy budget must also fund the Park’s exciting music programs that bring some of the country’s best artists to the Oval Lawn, weekly children’s art workshops, and one-of-a-kind art installations.

In the past, only wealthy individuals and corporate donors could be members of the Park family. Now, the Conservancy has announced its Members Program, Mad. Friends, which gives everyone a chance to get MSP gifts and special access to events and programs, including special upgrades on Flatiron Chefs and Mad. Sq. Eats tickets. The new program, with membership costs starting at just $50 a year, gives us all a chance to be part of the success story that is Madison Square Park.

Visit the Madison Square Park Conservancy website for a full breakdown of Mad. Friends donation tiers and to become a member today.

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